Are you fed up with heavy, unhygienic wooden puppy boxes? Are you looking for more hygienic and lighter puppy and whelping box which would be easy to wash? If you are, the solution is Doca Bed! 

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Doca Bed is a new innovation for the pet markets with the transparent rising front part. It is the innovation from the scandic designer and breeder, manufactured using high-quality, easily washable, plastic material. Now you can easily leave the puppies with their mother when they are blind. The front part prevents puppies from escaping from the Doca Bed but is still low enough for the mother, to jump over having her spare time. 

When it is not the whelping or puppie time, Doca Bed is the modern, stylish and easy caring bed with the scandic black outlook. 

Doca Bed is invented for the toy dogs, small and middle-sized breeds. 

Dimension: 86 x 57 x 23 cm

Colour: black

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Price: 149,90€ + delivery costs

You can order Doca Bed to all European countries! After you have ordered, we will send the bill by email during the next couple of days. Upon receiving payment, we will send the product. 

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    Finland: 20€

    Estonian, Latvian, Lithuania: 20€

    Sweden, Denmark: 20€

    Norway: 35€

    German, Austria, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium: 25€

    France: 45€

    Spain: 52€

    Britain: 60€

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